1. – Switching between different speedo design is now immediate. (By @ikt) Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: Custom skin (example by “yahiba”), Supports: T_T. mediajio blogspot publish 100% Working games . (activated only by left and right arrows). 1 сентября 2020, 47 760 загрузки , 384,0 КБ Right, the mess-up was in TurboFix, all's fine. @barswagga - steering wheel is not supported at this time, How do I change the numpad keys? GTA 5 Cheats Add-On Cotxe Bicicleta SUV Camió Autobús Aeronau Vaixell Tanc Apc Emergència Els Rodes Só Manipulació Menyoo Des de: Tot el temps Ahir La setmana passada El Mes passat Tot el temps Ordenar per: Versions més recents ... 5.4. It displays, the menu opens, but the dial is not moving. Custom skin (example by "yahiba") Supports: 1. FiveM incorrectly implements rotation stuff in the SHV compatibility layer. – .Temp files have been moved to a contained folder and the old ones can be safely deleted. Last tested on version 1.0.1868.1 (non steam). (ONE ASI FILE ONLY + OPTIONAL INI) Supports: 1. – Disabled blinkers as default settings. 3. – Gear indicator is now ACCURATE ( Thanks to IKT findings) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. – Added Mileage counter. – Improved menu aesthetics. – An engine icon replaced the wrench icon. In the other versions it has always worked. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V). HOTFIX PATCH @BlueStarBRS (high accuracy – most demanding / medium accuracy / low accuracy – least demanding). - NOTE!! Rev up that nostalgia! Speed (mph/kmph/ms). Q: how do I uninstall this? Compressed Games. Can be accessed via the menu. Privacy – Hide speedo in Vehicle type HUD. – HOTFIX: RPM updates for the latest ver. 4. Imprint, AMG GT BlackSeries '20 [Add-On | Template]. NFS Most Wanted 2012 highly compressed 354 MB For PC. @ikt I want to use it in fivem. – Fixed airplane FPS drop. 247luke, 669344682, AhmedDarwesh , Ahmetcan41, Alex Modz, Andrei Bote, AndreyB55, Anurag, araj83826, bielak51, breant55, Cadena Seder Vargain, Ceervo, dag_drive, dankmeme111, DegtukasNVR, devnobat, Dilan3110z, Ebon Sombra, enes12bn, EnterMen, everhard, Fadhillramdn, fifikoj, fiorello91, gamingwolfdz, Godpolice13, GrandDad, gtfthvgyfcfyc, hamziiiiiii, jahmshut, Jairolino9, japizza, Jhonny Studios, jonytazo, jordi1999, Kamli abdou, kelex12, koboybarbar, LionelPrime, LuisXIII, LurkInRed, MaryseOuellet, MauroRamirez64, Megalow, memeboi, MR.SZANDOR, naicum03, nataliabalekov1990, nikkulunatique, Notorious MCJ, OneSamaa, papai102, Pilotoarg, prakash7773, R0G3R T4YL0R, Raito991, Reyitzan, Richabalon, rodrygosilva_4, Rzky000, Saif 111, Sbgb57, SebasGV, SVGTA5000, tamaaa, the_best12, TrevorMan58, Vonum, vpn_boss, xeasi, XiaoAla, Yaseein samier, yldrmmods, News Archive Selecciona una de les següents categories per començar a veure els últims mods de GTA 5 PC: 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback [Add-On | Extras | LODs | Template | Tunings], LSCoFD & SASP Lifeguard Vapid Expansion [Add-On], Custom Engine Sound Pack [Add-On | FiveM | Sound], Bravado Buffalo S Basic Line [Add-On | LODs], Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7 2015 [Add-On | Tuning], Street/Drag Honda S2000 2JZ SWAP S2K [Replace / FiveM], 1999 Ford Mustang Cruiser ~ Midtown mandess chicago police [ Replace | Non-ELS ], Dutchboys Hotrods 1969 Camaro [Add-On SP / FiveM], Generic Unmarked Police Skoda Octavia VRS Saloon [ELS], 2019 Mercedes Sprinter VS30 Ambulancia Bombers Andorra, 2003 Chevrolet Suburban Z71 Secret Service [Add-On | Unlocked], Modificacions de pintura de vehicles per GTA 5. (Note: still under development. (example in the archive) current example designed by “yahiba”. V2.6 (September 14,2016) This mode helps you shift gears in time. bro put it in the integration description pls or next update by I'm Not MentaL,,, Exact visual copy of the NFSU speedometer. – Scale and position are easier to adjust. This mod adds NFS speedometers; Available skins: (P / 1 – 8 ), – Find your GTA V installation folder (e.g. – HOTFIX: RPM / Gear reading issues. But that's fine, they're just a bonus for the mod I guess. The following are options that had been added to the menu: Still an essential mod for me, highly recommend! – The gear display system has been improved. 2. (P / 1 - 8 ) Huge thanks for Alexander Blade for making the texture SDK. V2.5.5 (April 17,2016) (By @ikt) Velkommen til Are you the owner of this mod? Amazing mod! – NEW AIRSPEEDOMETER! – HOTFIX: Gear change has been corrected. Description: Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: Features Exact visual copy of the NFSU speedometerKM/H or MPH displayGear displayRPM gaugeTurbo gaugeN2O SupportDrag HUD (TheLorizz) N2O bars are displayed when the vehicle has a rocket boost, … Zuerst hochgeladen: 12. Thank you! Contact Us the folder should be extracted to GTA V installtion as the other 2 files. – Elements will no longer “scatter” when rescaling the speedometer. (above the numpad). – The speedometer will light up when headlights are turned on. @ikt man this script makes my game lagging. – Modern skin has been redesigned. @izachdividina - that folder is not needed unless you want to use custom skin that can be changed in the menu. NFS:Hot Pursuit 2 Tutorials Q: Where do I get the latest version? – Removed the nitro bar. Current gear. Other than that I really enjoy this script would get a 5 but 4 for lack of details in readme and numpad issue. – Updated to the lastest scripthookv. V2.5.1 (February 06,2016) (enable_custom_bg). V2.5.5 (April 17,2016) – .Temp files have been moved to a contained folder and the old ones can be safely deleted. – Resolved issues arising from rock* new update. @Luca210365 - see @AwfulRemystemple comment – GTA forums. – Air speedometer has been retired and the modern one will take its place. * Add support for upcoming TurboFix 1.1, (So it doesn't spin around a million times with boost levels higher than 1.0). Current gear. Hi ikt, The turbo gauge dissapears when i go in another car only the first car have the turbo gauge? Speed (mph/kmph). – Better Scrolling and menu clarity, V2.4.3 (November 19, 2015) Speed (mph/kmph/ms). NFS: 2015 3. I don't plan on giving this more attention than the bare minimum now. NFS:Hot Pursuit 2 2. V2.6.5 (September 24,2016) About Us Engine Rev. this can be changed in the ini file Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: 357,214 downloads , 3.73 MB @Shieldsver - unfortunately, there's not turbo gauge Engine Rev. – Automatically detects game version. -Resolved issues arising from rock* new update. – code improvement. Help me reach 200k Subscribers! 2. HOTFIX PATCH Modern skin – NEW MENU! the interface is excellent, and everything works just as it should. @AwfulRemystemple - awesome, thanks for the helpful post! 74 members online: – IKT and Lefix, reliable gear reading and misc programming snippets. 1. – Damage meter will now represent ENGINE HEALTH BY 25% SEGMENTS ONLY. – While switching between characters the speedometer will be hidden. It is possible to test accerlation times and brake times. The turbo gauge is only active if your car has the turbo upgrade. – Added menu descriptions. 2. This cant be used and configured without a number pad. how do i get this to work client side for FiveM? GTAinside is the ultimate Mod Database for GTA 5, GTA 4, San Andreas, Vice City & GTA 3. 0 to back out of the menu. – An option has been added to the ini file to disable gear display. V2.5 (February 05,2016) @Firz, @stupidbejo,@Bagas hadi ,@cbm26 - change "open_menu_key = 0x43" in the ini file. Since making this video the mod has recived a update and is even better now! It should have files like GTAV.exe and x64, – Extract “NFSgauge.asi” & NFSgauge.ini into the game main directory, – Extract “custom_NFSgauge” folder to use custom skin, Press ‘*’ to open menu. – Various skin changes. NFS: 2015 Latest Torrents. (And a YouTube video). A: Delete both of those files from your GTA V installation folder; @ikt Any way you can add in a system, since it always has a redline of 9-10K RPM, which obviously doesn't make sense especially for older cars, could you make something so that you can change that for individual vehicles, like what the max RPM/redline RPM is?


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